Indian Caller Info

Indian Caller Info

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Tools | 7.1MB | Update: 2018-02-20 | Version: 3.0.7 | Requires: Android4.0.3 or later

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Indian Caller info application provides the flexibility to know the details of phone calls [Origin of call, incoming & outgoing] when call is received or placed.
Only Caller Info Application in market to speak the caller Name/Number with Location and Operator.
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Ashish Kak
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Best Suited for Users in India.
Calls From Mobile: State and Operator Name.
Calls From Landline: State, City, District and Operator Name.
Call Permission: This permission is needed to make a call from the application whenever user wants to. User can only make the call. There is noway that the application will call any number without user(or cellphone owner) interaction.
Salient Features:
★ Information about the Caller.
★ QuickDail feature helps user to call the frequent, pinned and recent callers.
★ Dialer with Contact Search.
★ Users can create groups and assign contact. Call logs will show the labels for the groups.
★ Speed dial feature added to dialpad.
★ Block the Tele-Callers as well as numbers and store the history of caller who were blocked.
★ Call Analysis or History for numbers.
★ Only Application to have one delete button to clear all info related to number.
★ Backup and Restore feature added for contacts. Users can backup contacts after logging in and restore them at anytime.
★ Search the STD code of any City in India.
★ Search the ISD code of Countries in World.
★ Call or Save the contact from application Logs if required.
★ Move application to desired location(Sdcard or Phone) as per memory usage.
★ Added Transparent theme for the caller info.
★ Added a feature in which user will be able to know that how much time is left to receive the call.
★ Added an option to opt for the caller info for all number or for only unknown numbers.
★ Multiple themes are supported by application.
★ Can change the Caller info Location in Call Screen as per user requirement.
★ Enable or Disable the Caller Information.
★ Search information about any Mobile or Land line Number.
★ Better User experience.
Note : The application is supports only the information for Indian Mobile/Land line Numbers.For now Mobile Number Portability and Service Number are not Supported.
Note: Please MAIL us at
before giving 1 Star rating.
If your number is showing wrong info please mail us location and 1st 5 digits of the number. We will update our database
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What's new

We are constantly striving to make the application better. Salient features of the release are
# Fixed User reported issues
# Code Optimization and performance issues.
# Speed Dial feature is added.
Please launch the application after the update.

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